Foto: Jakub Halun and Frisia Orientalis - Creative Commons CC 3.0 + elaboration
The state of Twillagos is a small state of fantasy perched on mountain.
It has a population of barely thirty residents, of whom only five women.
Of these only two are women of childbearing age, and you can imagine how the concern for the survival of this population.
These women are choosy and do not want to mate with males of their state, but both expect to find Prince Charming.
We ask the people if they know the Web address some prince willing to sacrifice.
The king Twillagogò is desperate and does not know how.
Meanwhile (thankfully have broadband), thanks to the Internet, inhabitants of this small sail, surf, surf.
But in doing so they forget their fragile fate.
The main activity of this people is to spread the beauty of the world through different modes ranging from the production of posters, postcards, stamps and Cinderella to the works of art always inspired by the beauty.
The official currency is the art, but not needed in this state, because, thanks to an agreement with a preferred god, everything is free and is on hand through the magical containers that are found in every home.